Sometimes Healing Hurts... Like a Lot.

We all have a choice to heal, but are we brave enough to cross murky waters with our eyes wide shut?

Shilynn Marshall

11/9/20233 min read

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Read Shilynn's story as she shares her experience building unshakable faith in God.

Sometimes healing hurts... like a lot.

Healing is more than crystals, yoga classes, and drinking herbal teas in the early mornings. Healing takes many forms, some beautiful, but mostly uncomfortable.

When we heal, God forces us to look closely in the mirror. Then He asks us, "who is looking back?" This is a crucial question on our spiritual journey, because the answer can shine a light or cast a shadow over everything good in our lives. God is not a passive parent, and he will have us take accountability for our actions sooner or later.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “hurt people hurt people?” Recently, my own mother told me I am a perfect example of this quote. A hard pill to swallow, but a necessary one.

You see, when we walk around functioning solely out of ego, we miss His will, and everything it consists of. Not just the superficial aspects of it such as “avoid too much drinking” or “break the sin of laziness,” no, God’s will goes much deeper than this.

When we function solely out of our shadows, whether we are conscious of it or not, we are projecting- most times our unhealed pain onto others. This isn’t fair, for them or ourselves.

I know, you may be thinking “well, it’s not fair for them to hurt me in the first place,” and although this is true, God demands a higher level of obedience from his children.

Once we become aware of our earthly duties to love and be loved, we can gain the courage to grow… heal… and choose to be different, through His strength.

I think the challenge most Christ followers find themselves in is found within their very own mind. Although we hear the word of God inside of us, we are still hesitant to follow Him blindly. Why is this?

Well, all I can share is my personal experience to help you form your own opinions on your journey…

In my experience, I was hesistant to follow God’s word because deep down I didn’t believe I was good enough for his promised blessings in my life. Good friends, loving family, and to work for my own bread. I believe most days we forget that we are in battle between Spirit and flesh.

We hold onto these material things so tightly…. whether it be money, power, or superiority. But we forget to make God a priority in all of our plans. When we forget to make Him front and center of our mind and heart, we leave room for evil to seep in.

Evil doesn’t always look the same, but it all does the same thing: cause suffering and pain to yourself and others.

And so, maybe you found some clarity in this blog post… or maybe you’re just wondering why I’m posting another rambling article… but I do hope you can find some inspiritation in my vulnerability today.

No matter what, God is willing to give you another chance-even if it’s your 100th chance. He does not care how many times you come back to Him, just as long as you continue to put God front and center in your life.

This is the honest way to joy and happiness.


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