Why Us



We know that ‘wellness’ has become too noisy! Anybody & everybody is either talking about it or trying to deliver it. Well so are we! The only difference: our team consists of people who have individually spent 40+ years of their lives on wellness & Oh God if we take collective experience, its probably more than 150+ Years! So you will get nothing but ‘True & Best’.


We fully understand the anxieties, concerns or questions that you may be having about us & the retreat. We know that we will need to earn it & hopefully that would happen with each retreat that we deliver. For now, feel free to write to us or call us & get answers to all your queries!

Customized & Tailor made solution

Each human being is unique, so is our solution! We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all.’ After all, you are paying for yourself & not for the group!

Take away

No, no, this is not some restaurant take away! We don’t want your ‘wellness’ experience to start & end at the exotic resort. This is what happens with all other similar vacations! We want you to carry back the learnings & practice them as part of your daily routine!

Value for Money

How does ‘Luxury Wellness Retreat’ become value for money? Well it’s like your investment in a Mercedes or a BMW, which lasts many years! Similarly, though you invest for couple of days, but you learn for a lifetime! Having a healthy body & stress free mind is a daily requirement!