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What to Expect ?

Wellness Assessment

We want to know more about your health than you know yourself! To achieve this, you must participate in certain assessments & tests that we have in store for you!

Solution Designing

Our experts would join the dots from your wellness assessments & create a customised tailor-made solution, which would be delivered at the exotic resort, far away from the hustle bustle of the city!

Customized Solution

Wondering what the solutions would be? Well, we don’t want to give away everything, as surprises are important, but we can definitely mention that it would be focused around Nutrition, Exercises, Mindfulness, Activities etc. etc. etc. etc. !!! We know this sounds cliched, but that’s how it is because that’s what human body needs! However, we promise that you will experience this ‘cliched’ also differently!


We all love gadgets, don’t we? We are not talking about iPhones here! We will have some interesting wellness gadgetry in place which you will experience at the resort.

Unique experiences

We are working overtime to bring in some uniqueness in all our retreats. Apart from the location being exotic & superb, It could be the local culture or something that’s found only in a particular place.

Should you take a break?

The answer to this question lies in what you feel is best for you or your loved ones! We think ‘Health Lovers,’ could be anyone, like:

• One who has decided to take charge & follow the path of well-being.
• While you know little about everything like nutrition or exercise etc. but
want a comprehensive plan which is customized & result oriented.
• Knows everything & want to test us!
• Anyone who is willing to transfer some of their ‘wealth’ from their account
to ours.