Wellness is the most talked about lifestyle

…..Into Wellness and now in preparation for the three day Wellness Retreat at Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah – Ankit Agarwal

Wellness is the most talked about lifestyle feature today, but it is easier said than done. Let us have a look at what Ankit Agarwal has to say.

‘Wellness is a way of life for me! I believe that a balanced mind and body has the capability to create magic, but it seldom happens. We are often so occupied in our day to day chores coupled with unlimited desires, that it hardly gives us time to take a break and think about many aspects like our relationships, where are we heading, what is our life goal etc. etc.

‘I feel that wellness is for everyone. Once a choice is made to eat, breath and live in ‘wellness,’ your life would change. My journey began into wellness because of lot of factors. My first entrepreneurial venture was an Eye and Dental hospital which I started in 2004 in New Delhi region before exiting it in 2015. The desire to give people ‘Wellness’ took birth in 2010 as I strongly believe that ‘Everybody deserves Wellness & not illness, so let’s give people what they deserve’, paraphrases Ankit Agarwal.

‘With such conviction Ankit Agarwal took time to learn more. Says Ankit, ‘WHO says that health is a complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. With this thought I got fortunate enough to assemble a team of doctors and other wellness experts who also believed in this idea. Since then we have designed many solutions like Health Risk Assessment Tool, Online Nutrition Programs, Online Yoga Programs etc. which can help a person achieve the state of holistic well-being which he or she is seeking.

‘The next bit of understanding which dawned is the correct profile of a wellness customer; I think, we all get enamored when we see people going to gyms, talking about fitness, healthy food etc. and we end up thinking that this is the next BIG THING!

‘While, wellness is certainly becoming big and now a $3.7 trillion business globally, the understanding of wellness amongst the audience is very different. It ranges from a spa to a choice selection of cosmetic treatments to lifestyle changes driven through nutrition, exercises, mindfulness etc. Today, we are clear that a wellness customer is a person who has a mind-set of healthy living coupled with ability to spend.

‘Seeing this market trend and consumer aspiration towards wellness and combining it with my passion, I put together my thoughts and worked on them with a desire to deliver the best of wellness information or platforms to the already available wellness conscious audience from around the world.

‘Travel happens to be one of my passion areas and as an avid traveler, I have been to many countries and have explored some of the wellness resorts as well. I have realized that the services at many of these resorts are just restricted to spa and perhaps to some healthy food. Secondly the element of ‘personalized and customized’ service is missing. So, over the period of the last six months, I researched on the Wellness Tourism and identified the need-gaps including reading of many case studies, which define the needs and wants of today’s customer who undertakes wellness tourism. The research has helped to design the first of its kind retreat which will be happening in January 2018 in the city of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates.

‘The focus of the retreat is to deliver customized and personalized wellness along with an element of continuity to each participant which includes assessment, nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and spirituality.  The key take-away from the 3-day retreat would be – to learn and practice the keys which would help one live a healthy and blissful life.

‘The preparation for this retreat is very passionate and meticulous. We are focusing on the smallest possible elements that would be of delight and a great step of learning for our guests. For participants coming from overseas locations, we have private airport transfers, luxury stay at Oberoi Resort, welcome basket etc. For participants from UAE they would also be guests to loads of goodies along with wellness services as take-away hampers.

‘We sincerely hope that each participant would learn immensely from the experts and would go back home enriched and delighted.

‘We have even chosen the beautiful an impeccable resort Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah for the three- day event 25 to 27 January and we are proud to say that we have the best rates from the property for 2 day stay or 1 day stay or for Day 1 rate or Day 2 rate with lunch.  With Ras Al Khaimah being a pristine property and having the needed environment for refreshing and rejuvenation, we look forward to each of you reading this article to join us and take-home refreshing thoughts on maximizing your life, your career with Wellness lifestyle’.

The journey of Ankit Agarwal is the voice of many people today…to enjoy a journey into wellness.

You are most welcome to join this Wellness Retreat and make it yours.

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