Empowering your mind, mind management and living in balance…learn more at Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE on 30, 31 March and 1st April 2018 at Wellness Retreat

I was at a beautiful evening in Dubai Opera on 21 November that I was witness to 90- year- old legend Parthasarathy speaking to an audience of 2000 on the difference between intelligence and intellect. This mind balance is so essential for wellness.

At Wellness Retreat January 2018 – 25, 26 and 27, the organizer My Perfect Wellness, is keen to impart a deeper understanding on mindfulness – both mind and intellect – balancing matters of the mind for the benefit of the audience who will either be staying over in the exotic Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah or will be walk-in guests for day 1 (January 26) and day 2 (January 27).

One of the speakers during the event is S.A Sreedharan whose journey is being imparted in this blog. Sreedharan was the resident faculty for Vedanta (a great teaching establishment) at the Ananda Himalayas for 3 years and then for a year at the Shanthi Ananda in beautiful Mauritius.

Reflecting on mental wellness Sreedharan says ‘Mental wellness is an aspect which is most essential and effective for peaceful and prosperous living. Understanding our mind and intellect, various ways of improving our emotions and developing the clarity in thinking has been my focus in wellness programs.’

‘The learning has been the importance of mental wellness over any other aspect of life. My giving in wellness has been to help people to gain mastery over their mind and intellect which improves their quality of living.’ says Sreedharan

Sreedharan would love to impart the treasures of mental wellness at the Wellness Retreat in Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah and looks forward for the participants to be empowered to perform their various roles in their life to the best of their ability and thus live in peace and prosperity.

Mind Management – Living in Balance

Dr. Bhavna Barmi, too is looking forward to meeting with each of you at the event. Dr. Bhavna has been working as a clinical psychologist in the field of wellness for around 20 years. Says Dr. Bhavna, ‘The beauty of my work is that it relates to holistic wellness whether it is intellectual which gives us a commitment of lifelong learning or mental, emotional, spiritual and social (which includes marital, child or family wellness) without the use of medication. I understand that wellness is a holistic concept and if not attended to, it can bring out disharmony in our physical, occupational and mental health.

‘Wellness is the state of equilibrium which one is born into yet one needs to sustain it throughout life to be in perfect health.

‘According to me, mind over matter has attracted me to the most important part of natural wellness where one’s core beliefs leads to a thought which lead to emotions affecting our actions.

‘Discipline of physical, emotional, social and occupational wellness needs to be in balance to promote and control natural wellness.

Addressing the learning from her wellness journey, Dr. Bhavna says, ‘Our brain which houses its software called the mind, is responsible for all actions and emotions by us and has been intelligently put by the creator on top of the body, since mind is like a software which can be characterized by the belief and thoughts generated through it. I have learnt that healthy minds will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

‘I propagate the same and have conducted life coaching sessions with individuals and mind management workshops in education institution and corporations. The importance of maintaining and achieving wellness where different discipline of wellness gets integrated into self and makes us aware of how every little thing around us and within us have a great impact on our being we should continuously work on ourselves to make a better living.

Dr. Bhavna would like the audience at Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah to take home her thoughts and implement them adding life to life.

Says Dr. Bhavna, ‘The thoughts shared during the Wellness Retreat will help the audience to achieve feelings of calmness and mental clarity, renewed physical energy, self-worth, coping with stress and will encourage building up improved relationships.

‘I would like my audience to create a mind management balance for themselves where smiles and blessings are appreciated, and we are able to conceptualize healthy environment fulfilling the goals conceived and thus making ourselves optimally happy and productive with a fulfilled life, ‘concludes Dr. Bhavna.

Life of the two speakers and their input is food for thought as you get ready to participate in Wellness Retreat 2018

To participate in the retreat, please communicate with the undersigned and book your stay at Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, at great rates or register be a walk-in guest for day 1 and day 2 and give your life the needed peace you deserve with the best understanding on mind over matter.


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