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Deepika Agarwal


Deepika is an excellent homemaker with an added streak of entrepreneurship. After completing her engineering from RV College, she worked at Intel for a couple of years as a software developer. Post marriage, she joined Perfect Wellness as Head – Digital Technology.

Apart from spending time with other techies & geeks, she is also very passionate about healthy cooking & ensuring the well-being of the family. Her experiments with food are simply amazing & yes nutritious as well! She does yoga & often ends up training our 3 yr old daughter also to do some poses!

Deepika now wants to use all these practical knowledge & years of learnings in perfecting the experience that participants would get at the retreat. She has been instrumental in putting the various pieces of this retreat together, especially the finer nuances, activities & overall deliverables! Her vision is to create an experiential wellness experience which combines ‘Personal Touch with Technology.’