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Ankit was born in a business family in India. Along with focusing on his studies, Ankit joined his family business at the tender age of 16. He was involved in automobile and retail businesses of the group. After securing a degree in Business Administration from Amity University, he ventured out on an entrepreneurial journey & founded Perfect Vision Eye Hospital in 2004. With the passing years, he felt that his organization should change its focus to ‘wellness’ instead of ‘illness’ because that is what people at large deserve. So the ‘Wellness’ journey started in 2008 with a vision to create a global organization that becomes one-stop shop for the various wellness needs of the people and thus, he founded Perfect Wellness & relocated to Dubai.

Ankit’s idea & passion is to bring about a wellness revolution because he believes that Wellness is a new movement rather than a single healthier item of food or an alternative medical treatment. Working on this thought, his organization plays a contributory role in an individual’s journey to perfect health.

Ankit is the master communicator and strategist of the company. He is a distinguished leader and a creative advocate. The skills he learnt in management school and years of experience in his family business have instilled in him an understanding of tactical business acumen.

Though work takes up most of his time, Ankit loves playing golf and squash when he is not working. Other than that, he also enjoys reading books and researching wellness for it is something he truly believes in. He aspires to inculcate the idea that ‘Prevention is Cure’ and redefine the true meaning of health and wellness.