Ahlaam Ali

Ahlaam Ali

(HI Dip – Advance Nutrition) (CNLP)

Ahlaam Ali is a published author and a Lifestyle Coach, based in the UAE and working Internationally. Ali works with various specialists ranging from orthopaedic surgeons to endocrinologists, to design weight loss programs based on her patients’ medical history, lifestyle, activity levels, food preferences and food intolerances. Through Power Living, Ali does one on one consultations to coach her members to make that lifestyle change and TRANSFORM themselves.

Ali’s mission statement from day one has been: To empower a healthy eating change in the world community…one person and one family unit at a time!

The results of Ahlaam Ali’s ongoing efforts have been outstanding and have contributed significantly towards her winning of the Middle East Business Achievement Award from amongst 250 companies across the Middle East.

All in all, a global citizen and a free-spirited soul who loves to wander through the streets of this earth, creating joy and memories everywhere, Ali plans to maintain her wandering lifestyle and still manage her business whilst making a difference to the world!!